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“Vicki is an outstanding professional and demonstrates a good understanding of the needs of national media. She is fair, conscientious and doesn't promise more than she can deliver to journalists.” October 3, 2008
Jeffrey Daniels, Producer CNBC


Welcome to Mighty Scribe!

How many customers could you get if, over a year's time, MightyScribe achieved $400,000 worth of free editorial content in your relevant trade publications, or on a nationally recognized television network like CNBC

MightyScribe is a different kind of media relations firm. We specialize in security and high-tech companies and the solutions they are working on to protect the globe. From those innovative firms, we bring forth thought leaders and new technologies, all of which combine to provide editors and reporters the background, context, and thoughtful analysis so sorely needed in today's dizzying 24/7 news cycle. We write and edit compelling content, which drives future customers to the companies and individuals who strive to cut through today's media landscape.

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Call upon MightyScribe for powerful media access, SMEs, crisis management, strategic media planning, and excellence in research, writing and editing. 

We do it all at a fraction of the cost of other full-time agencies, and better yet, we get results. 

  • MightyScribe is intimately acquainted with top editors and reporters who cover technology and homeland-security issues. We know trade publication editors and writers as well as the mainstream media players. Access rules!
  • MightyScribe believes in proactive media outreach that is keyed off stories of the day. We mine news coverage for anything relevant to a client, and then we make sure top reporters are informed of our clients' services and expertise. This is an extremely credible way to achieve publicity, and it works!
  • Editors rely on MightyScribe. Often, we get last-minute requests for interviews or editorial copy because editors know that MightyScribe can and will always come through.
  • We never promise the press more than we can deliver, and we always beat deadlines.



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